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Glitter Eyeliner

For women everywhere, make up is one of the most important aspects of every single day. When applying makeup there are a few core things  you will have to know to make the makeup superb. The most basic is one the eyes, the eyes are the first thing anybody looks at on the face, your eye makeup has to be impeccable. You will have to bring you’re A game and know how to do various eyeliner styles and when they are appropriate. Glitter eyeliner is very popular and one of the most important to know!

When is it appropriate to wear glitter eyeliner?
This eyeliner is appropriate for a fun day out, parties, dates, going out with the girls,among many other social occasions. It is best for when you want to really make your eyes pop and to stand out in the crowd!
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How to apply it
A very important tip is knowing how to apply it well. You will have to be careful with it. If it is not applied well it may end up smudging and ending up in areas where you don’t want it.

Ensure you have a clean face before you start the whole process. Apply some moisturizer on the face before applying the make up so that you can have a base. Once you are done with most of the other makeup then you can do the glitter eyeliner. For some, applying a darker eyeliner before the glitter works to make the glitter eyeliner colors show up better. Once the first eyeliner color (black, brown, grey) is in place you can then now apply the glitter eyeliner. Start by applying a single stroke on the upper eyelid avoiding the inner corner of the eyelid. You can then apply a second stroke while ensuring the glitter does not go into the eye as it can cause irritation. Do the same to the second eye. For a more fun look you can create a cat eye by adding a slight wing at the outer corner of the eye!

Glitter eye liner is fun! When applying it make sure you take your time, to have amazing results!


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